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Ovarian Cysts

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Ovarian cysts often cause no symptoms or problems, and you could have one and never know. Sometimes, though, ovarian cysts cause more painful conditions, in which case Advanced Women’s Health Specialists in Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, and Deltona, Florida, can help. The practice’s highly experienced doctors are experts in using minimally invasive surgical techniques to remove ovarian cysts that are causing unpleasant symptoms. Call Advanced Women’s Health Specialists today to find out more or book an appointment online.

Ovarian Cysts Q & A

What is an ovarian cyst?

An ovarian cyst is a pouch of thin tissue containing fluid that develops in or on your ovaries. Ovarian cysts are very common, and, in many cases, women who have them never realize, as the cysts can come and go without causing any symptoms.

There are a number of different types of cysts. Functional cysts are the most common type, and they rarely cause any problems. They often resolve without needing treatment.

Other types of ovarian cysts include:

  • Teratomas - made of bodily tissues
  • Cystadenoma - a large cyst but usually benign
  • Endometrioma - a cyst that can develop when you have endometriosis

In some women, ovarian cysts do cause symptoms, generally abdominal discomfort or pain. In a few cases, a large cyst can force the ovary to twist around, causing more pain. Cysts can sometimes burst or start bleeding and cause severe, instant pain.

How are ovarian cysts diagnosed?

Many women who have ovarian cysts only find out when their provider at Advanced Women's Health Specialists finds them during a routine exam or well-woman checkup.

If they’re not causing you any problems, you don’t need to worry about ovarian cysts. However, you should schedule a visit to Advanced Women’s Health Specialists if you start experiencing any issues with the cysts.

If you have symptoms of what could be an ovarian cyst, you need to have some tests to find out the cause. Ultrasound scanning can detect ovarian cysts. You might also need to have blood drawn to screen for ovarian cancer, most often to rule it out.

How are ovarian cysts treated?

If you have an ovarian cyst that’s causing pain or other symptoms, you can undergo minimally invasive surgery to remove it. If the cyst is benign, your doctor at Advanced Women's Health Specialists carries out a cystectomy to remove it.

If there’s any sign of cancer, you might need to have the whole ovary removed (oophorectomy). However, most cysts don’t cause cancer or any other serious problems.

If you keep experiencing ovarian cysts, your doctor may recommend hormonal birth control to stop them from forming.

If you’ve been experiencing abdominal pain that you think could be due to ovarian cysts, call Advanced Women's Health Specialists today or book an appointment online.